Derek Beyer seated

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: MILWAUKEE, WI – January 11, 2018 – Congratulations to Derek Beyer, who has received the endorsement of the Milwaukee chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) for the Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) Board of School Directors, District 8. Derek is well-suited for the MPS School Board not only as […]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: MILWAUKEE, WI – December 21, 2018 – The Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) system is under attack by neoliberal austerity imperatives and lingering racial injustice. Working-class families, students, and staff deserve an advocate on the MPS Board of School Directors who understands deeply the structural obstacles holding back transformative change in

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Rick Banks seated on bench

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: MILWAUKEE, WI – July 30, 2018 – Capitalism isn’t working for Milwaukee. Working-class people throughout this city have difficulty making monthly rent, buying groceries, and paying for their prescriptions. At the same time, for unscrupulous landlords, voucher-school profiteers, low-wage employers, and the prison-industrial complex, Milwaukee remains “open for business.” Milwaukeeans

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