Socialists Juan Miguel Martinez and Eric Rorholm make it through the primary

February 15, 2022
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Socialists Juan Miguel Martinez and Eric Rorholm make it through the primary

Milwaukee DSA congratulates the entire socialist slate on a primary win

MILWAUKEE — The Milwaukee Democratic Socialists of America proudly announces that all three members of our socialist slate for the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors—Juan Miguel Martinez, Eric Rorholm, and Ryan Clancy—qualified for the general election held April 5th, 2022. Their success is a testament to the fact that working people in Milwaukee are dissatisfied with Milwaukee’s current leadership and are demanding a fundamental change in government.

“The people have spoken,” said Juan Miguel Martinez, candidate for the open seat in the 12th District. “They’re ready for change, and for a Supervisor who will listen to—and advocate for—the needs of the working class.”

Eric Rorholm, challenging a millionaire incumbent in the 3rd District, noted that “This victory shows that Milwaukee residents know that we do not need to over-police and over-tax working communities. We can build a happier, safer, and more equitable Milwaukee when we give our communities a healthy environment, good public transportation, and better infrastructure. When hard-working people enjoy a good standard of living and economic rights, we all benefit.”

Supervisor Ryan Clancy, socialist incumbent in the 4th District, is running unopposed.

“Our victory shows that, when working people stand together at the ballot box, in the streets, and on the job, we win,” said Tom Hansberger, co-chair of Milwaukee DSA’s Electoral Working Group. “With Milwaukee’s support, we are confident that our socialist slate will win office in April. Without the support of the working class, however, we are nothing. We will not take working people for granted—we will continue to organize with other working people in the struggle to end the rule of greed in Milwaukee.”

The general election will take place on April 5th. More information on the candidates, their platforms and Milwaukee DSA is available at

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