Socialists Win in Milwaukee

April 6, 2022

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Socialists Win in Milwaukee

Milwaukee DSA congratulates candidates on historic win

MILWAUKEE, WI – The Milwaukee Democratic Socialists of America made history tonight: Ryan Clancy and Juan Miguel Martinez won their elections for Milwaukee County Supervisor. Milwaukee DSA knocked more than 15,000 doors in this election cycle.

“It’s clear that the people want fundamental change”, said Juan Miguel Martinez, newly elected County Supervisor for the 12th District. “This victory shows that the working class are rejecting business as usual, and are demanding solidarity.” Martinez is the first Latinx socialist to be elected in Milwaukee’s history.

Eric Rorholm, who took more than 40% of the vote against a long-time incumbent millionaire, noted that “investment in our community, rather than over policing and incarceration, is the best path to public safety and prosperity. We all benefit when hard-working people enjoy a good standard of living and economic rights.” 

Martinez joins 4th District County Supervisor Ryan Clancy, who in 2020 became the first open socialist elected to public office in Milwaukee since 1956. Said Clancy, “I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished on the Board in these first two years, and am looking forward to the additional progress we will make with a socialist caucus.”

“The rich and their cronies fight hard, but we fight harder,” said Tom Hansberger, co-chair of Milwaukee DSA’s Electoral Working Group. “The socialist slate’s victory shows that concentrated wealth can be defeated when ordinary people unite and fight for a common goal. When Milwaukee’s working people come together, we can transform our communities for the better.”

More information on the candidates, their platforms and Milwaukee DSA is available here. You can join DSA at