Milwaukee DSA’s Statement on the Impending Decision on Roe V. Wade

Milwaukee DSA is deeply saddened and disappointed by the Supreme Court’s regressive decision to repeal Roe V. Wade. As an organization, we stand in solidarity with all abortion-seeking people, whose rights to reproductive autonomy are being threatened by the state. We affirm our commitment to fighting alongside our community in pursuit of reproductive justice for all people.

As a socialist organization, we recognize that the fight for reproductive justice is inextricably connected to the struggles for economic justice, racial justice, and the abolition of the prison industrial complex. This decision is a form of class warfare intended to punish and criminalize working-class people, particularly poor, disabled, people of color. This violent attack on reproductive autonomy is done in the service of maintaining the patriarchal social order and the (often invisible) reproductive labor that capitalism relies on. 

We believe that reproductive justice is essential for building a world in which working-class people are liberated and have access to what they need to live dignified and fulfilling lives. Every person deserves the right to bodily autonomy, to have children or not have children, and to parent in safe and well-resourced communities.  

On Saturday (5/7) at 3 pm, Madison DSA is holding a rally in support of reproductive justice, abortion, and bodily autonomy at the Wisconsin State Capitol. We encourage our members to support these local actions taking place and to contribute to grassroots abortion funds. As an organization, we have contributed $250 to the Women’s Medical Fund to continue assisting those in need of abortion in our state. Donations can be made here:

Our demand is now, and always: free abortion – on demand – without apology.

With love and solidarity, 
Milwaukee DSA