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“War Pigs” – Black Sabbath Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs,” from their Paranoid album, was released in the early 70s, toward the end of the Vietnam war, a costly and bloody quagmire not unlike the Afghanistan War. The song portrays generals and arms manufacturers as “war pigs” who kill in the name of their own greed. […]

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The Triumph of General Ludd (Traditional, performed by Chumbawamba) Referring to the revolutionary impact of capitalism in the early 19th century, Karl Marx wrote “All that is solid melts into air, all that is holy is profaned…” Capitalism, in other words, undermined the pre-capitalist social relations and material conditions, all of the traditions and customs,

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In this episode the co-hosts take you LIVE on a tour of Turner Hall. Emilio De Torre and Arthur Heitzer, two members of Milwaukee Turners Board of Directors, show the co-hosts around this downtown Historical Landmark. They explain how the Milwaukee Turners relate closely to the cities socialist history.

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This week the co-hosts discuss the topic of toxic masculinity. They read from the viral social media listicle “30 Rules for My Unborn Son” which exemplifies the topic. Then, they read from a listicle of their own entitled “10 Rules for Good Socialist Kids”.

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In this special BONUS episode Scott and Eric interview Arthur Edmund and Olivia Litzenberg, co-leads of the Milwaukee DSA’s Electoral Slate. They discuss their campaign strategy for the upcoming April 6th election. If you are looking to get involved you can sign up here: PLUS stick around for the end of the episode as

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Police in riot gear line up

Sign on to Statement Against Senate Bill 119 Fellow Community Members, The Wisconsin State Legislature has recently announced a bill that it will seek to pass that stands in violent opposition to popular demands for racial justice that have been voiced by citizens across our state and the nation at large. This bill Senate Bill

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