Our Committees and Working Groups

DSA Milwaukee is run democratically by our members. Our chapter structure consists of an elected Executive Committee made up of elected officers and at-large members; standing committees maintained by the Steering Committee and open to all members; and numerous working groups focused on various types of work both internal and external.


Education Committee  

We prepare the educational discussion for every general meeting of the chapter, which are usually held every two weeks. We also have a book club that meets four times per year and co-host a Jacobin reading group with Solidarity to learn more about a historical or welfare issue. Committee meeting announcements are posted here.

Outreach Committee

The Outreach Committee promotes and supports DSA’s mission, values, goals, and member engagement. Among other things, the Committee increases public awareness of our chapter’s events, efforts, and vision, builds coalitions with like-minded groups, creates opportunities for social gatherings and solidarity, and promotes member engagement.  



Electoral Working Group

Healthcare Working Group

MKE DSA Healthcare Working Group is fighting to replace the broken, for-profit health system with a single, universal program that includes comprehensive coverage for all Americans that is free at the point of service. We demand policies that prioritize the health of all Milwaukeeans over the profits of insurance companies and their billionaire executives.

Get the Lead Out Working Group

As a member of the Get the Lead Out Coalition, DSA Milwaukee is fighting for the right of all people to have access to safe, clean drinking water. Along with a variety of other groups in the city, we are demanding that lead infrastructure is removed from our pipes and our homes.

Labor Solidarity Working Group

DSA Milwaukee’s Labor Solidarity Working Group is fighting back in the war on the working class, a war which has its largest impacts on women, people of color, and immigrants. We strategize to support worker strikes and actions in a variety of sectors and are developing strategies around the expansion of the social wage into areas like child and elder care, as well as paid family leave.

Mutual Aid Working Group

The DSA Mutual Aid Working Group is a working group dedicated to projects of mutual aid. Mutual Aid is the cooperative provision of goods and services where the capitalist market and State fail to provide. Our goal is to help foster and engender a network for the provision and institutional building of cooperation, mutual aid, solidarity and support. Please join us and help provide mutual aid in the Milwaukee area.

Socialist Feminist Working Group

The Socialist Feminist Working Group brings a feminist perspective to DSA and a socialist perspective to the feminist movement. We organize around feminist issues such as reproductive justice, economic justice and other issues, especially those that have an impact on working class and poor women in Milwaukee.

Solidarity Economy Working Group

Solidarity Economy WG is a working group dedicated to seeding worker owned cooperative/socialist enterprises, economic democracy projects, time banking, community land trust initiatives and overall a variety of cooperative economy endeavors federated throughout Milwaukee.


Close MSDF

Milwaukee DSA is a member of the #CLOSEmsdf coalition, led by Ex-Prisoners Organizing (EXPO). The campaign aims not only to close the Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility and end crimeless revocation, but to reimagine how we invest in people caught in the penal system.