Headshots of Kelley, Brower, Madison Jr.

Milwaukee DSA congratulates Kelley, Brower and Madison Jr.

20,000 knocked doors propel the entire Socialist Slate to April 6th general election

MILWAUKEE, WI – Milwaukee Democratic Socialists of America (Milwaukee DSA) congratulates endorsed candidates Dana Kelley from MPS district 4, Alex Brower from MPS District 5 and Darrin Madison Jr. from the 10th Supervisory District on their primary victories tonight.

“I want to thank all of my Comrades of the DSA for showing me what Solidarity really means!  We became a three strand cord!” said Dana Kelley. “The members of the DSA gave our campaign wings, from grassroots fundraising efforts through support and encouragement and the many, many volunteers that collected signatures, knocked doors, made phone calls, sent texts, shared posts, pushed me beyond my limits and supported us all the way!”

“DSA is a machine of justice that has been fighting boldly for real change in Milwaukee and I’m glad to have their support. I knew when a bold group of leaders decided to knock doors in sub-zero weather that this was a crew of folks I can lean on as allies for justice. Milwaukee DSA is resilient, bold, and courageous and I’m glad to call them my comrades in solidarity.”, said Darrin Madison, Jr.

“Milwaukee DSA has been the backbone of my Socialist campaign.” said Alex Brower. “Our members have been showing up, knocking doors, and making phone calls to bring socialism back to Milwaukee’s school board so we can bring the transformation our students deserve.” Brower was the top vote getter in the primary in a field of four candidates.

Even in sub-zero temperatures, Milwaukee DSA volunteers have knocked on just over 20,000 doors in these three districts, including nearly 10,000 in the week prior to the primary. Initial analysis suggests that this unprecedented volunteer effort has driven both turnout and candidate engagement. 

When elected in April, Kelley and Madison Jr. will be the first Black socialists elected in Milwaukee.

The Milwaukee Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) works to build on the legacy of the Sewer Socialism that helped to build Milwaukee. DSA is committed to politics that will radically transform Milwaukee, shifting power to the people.

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