Event Facilitation

Working Group/Committee Facilitator Responsibilities 

  1. Create Zoom Meeting or Secure In-Person Space
    • Schedule meetings in Zoom based on availability. 
    • As a Working Group/Committee Facilitator or Notetaker, you can have access to Zoom. 
    • Ask the Secretary to give you the Zoom password if you do not have it already.
  2. Create Action Network Event
    • If you are a Working Group/Committee Facilitator, you should also be added on Action Network as an Organizer. Reach out to the Secretary if you are not already an Organizer.
    • Include the Zoom information in your event. Also include a start and end time.
    • For added visual appeal, add a picture to your Action Network Event.
    • When one makes an Action Network Event, it will automatically send a notice of the event to our MilwaukeeDSA@gmail.com account. 
    • Our Secretary will then list our event on our MKE DSA Event Calendar and our Newsletter (bi-monthly).
  3. Create Facebook Event
    • If you are a Working Group/Committee Facilitator, you may be added as an admin for the Milwaukee DSA Facebook page. Contact the Social Media Subcommittee Chair or the Secretary to be added.
    • Link out to the Action Network registration page in your Facebook event.
  4. During the Meeting
    • Please take notes of what people say at the meetings. Once minutes have been finalized send them to MilwaukeeDSA@gmail.com. When you do the minutes will be filed. This is helpful for people who weren’t able to attend. They can use the minutes to catch up. If this is a social or other non-meeting event, minutes are not required.
  5. Other Ways to Promote your Event
    • Inviting people directly through your group’s email list, text or direct message.
    • Ask Secretary to send dedicated email to membership or give additional content for Secretary to include in newsletter email.

Secretary Responsibilities

  1. Gmail Calendar Entry
  2. Bi-Monthly Newsletter Entry