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2021 Spring Election: Tuesday, April 6, 2021

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DSA Milwaukee endorses the following candidates in the 2021 Spring Election.

School Board District 4: Dana Kelley

Dana Kelley headshot

Dana Kelley is running for Milwaukee Public School Board, District 4 because it’s time for a change. Dana is running to:

  • Ensure quality education for children of color
  • Fight for public schools
  • Green New Deal for MPS
  • Democratize education
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School Board District 5: Alex Brower

Alex Brower headshot

Alex Brower is running a progressive campaign for School Board of Milwaukee Public Schools. As a School Board Director, Alex will:

  • Fight for public schools against the threat of privatization
  • Create a Green New Deal for MPS and ensure healthy school environments
  • Stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter at School
  • Champion the struggle of MPS workers
  • Democratize education by opening up school decision making to all stakeholders—parents, students, school staff, and community members
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County Supervisor District 10: Darrin Madison Jr.

Darrin Madison headshot

Darrin Madison Jr. is a resident of the 10th district and is committed to being your bold and unapologetic voice on the County Board. Darrin’s platform addresses:

  • Seniors: Fully funded senior centers, culturally responsive programs, and dementia advocacy.
  • Youth Justice: Invest in a realistic continuum of care that prevents and reduces incarceration.
  • Disabilities: Ensure all county services are integrated to prevent disruption in care and services for our neighbors of all ages and abilities.
  • Housing: Champion for “Right to Shelter and Counsel” resolutions.
  • Parks: Create a local food production and distribution network based in our beautiful parks.
  • Transportation: Innovating and expanding transit options to connect us to more jobs and more neighborhoods.
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