Photo of Juan Miguel Martinez, Ryan Clancy, and Eric Rorholm

Milwaukee Democratic Socialists of America Announces Socialist Slate for Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors

Contact: Alex Brower (414-949-8756) or Tom Hansberger (407-375-7555)

Milwaukee – The Milwaukee Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) is proud to announce a slate of three socialists candidates for the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors for the spring 2022 local elections. The candidates are Eric Rorholm in District 3, Ryan Clancy in District 4, and Juan Miguel Martinez in District 12. 

Ryan Clancy, who currently represents District 4 on the Milwaukee County Board said, “I’ve served for almost two years as a County Board Supervisor and the lack of other socialists like myself is apparent. Although a few of my colleagues have taken some bold votes to support socialist policy, it’s clear that we will need a critical mass of socialist supervisors to make real systemic change and to stand up for working class Milwaukeeans during these trying times. I am confident that Martinez and Rorholm will be the champions that the people of Milwaukee County need, and I can’t wait to work alongside them.”

Juan Miguel Martinez, who is running in the newly-drawn District 12, is a union organizer with the Milwaukee Area Service and Hospitality Workers Organization. Juan Miguel said, “as a supervisor, I’ll treat the district like a union and organize the working class on the south side. The richest 1% need to understand that they have completely lost their mandate to run our economy. The only answer is to organize against their power with a political revolution—and that political revolution can start in part by electing socialists like us to office here in Milwaukee.” 

Eric Rorholm, who is challenging the ineffective District 3 incumbent to win a working-class voice for the district, is a Marquette University graduate and was an organizer for Bernie Sanders’ 2020 presidential campaign. Eric said, “as your supervisor, I will stand up for working people and our planet. Socialism is about working people—not the 1%—having control in our democracy, so I look forward to going further, taking on fossil-fuel capitalism, and protecting the working class.”

Tom Hansberger, a co-chair of the Milwaukee DSA’s Electoral Working Group, said, “the members of our socialist slate know that working people need to stand together. They will not let the wealthy and powerful enrich themselves by dividing the majority who work for a living against each other. Together, we can build a Milwaukee that serves all of us, not just the rich and the greedy.”

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