LSC Lead Free MKE


The LSC Lead Free MKE campaign and working group is led by the Libertarian Socialist Caucus of Milwaukee and is a member of the Get the Lead Out Coalition (GTLO). As a member of GTLO, we have two delegates on the GTLO Steering Committee.

As a member of the Get the Lead Out coalition, we’re fighting for the right of all people to have access to safe, clean drinking water. Along with a variety of other groups in the city, we are demanding that lead infrastructure is removed from our pipes and our homes.

Get Involved: Community/Citizen Action

Educational outreach and the development of grassroots direct democracy to alter structures of currently existing power are deliberated on in the container of viable popular community assemblies. These assemblies provide positive forums for citizens to become fully engaged in the political and social world in which we live.

We are currently planning assemblies for spring/summer 2023. We’re always looking for more organizer allies to help us in the fight for public health, direct democracy, and building community power! To get involved in planning assemblies and other projects, email us at

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