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Ecosocialist Working Group

Welcome to the Ecosocialist Working Group of the Milwaukee Democratic Socialists of America. Check for meeting updates in our Milwaukee DSA newsletter or on our calendar.

Ecosocialism is the concept that capitalism is the root cause of the earth’s ecological ills, and that those ills are all too often forced by corporations onto disenfranchised communities. Milwaukee DSA’s Ecosocialist Working Group focuses on campaigns that will turn back the tide of climate change, pollution, and the strip-mining of our planet’s resources. For example, we turn our ire against the City of Milwaukee for not replacing lead laterals, thus creating toxic drinking water in our homes, and poisoning young children at an alarming rate.

Our mission is to ensure that the transition to socialism in the United States is based on sound ecological principles, preserving the viability of the natural and human environments for future generations and other forms of life, and to bear in mind the historical and present inequities imposed by prior forms of society.

Power to the People Campaign

Power to the People is a campaign calling on the City of Milwaukee to replace We Energies with a municipally owned and operated utility. Visit the Power to the People site to learn more: Power to the People Milwaukee!

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