Milwaukee DSA

Democratic Socialists of America

Statement on the Stone Creek Coffee Workers Union

By on April 4, 2019


The Milwaukee Democratic Socialists of America extend our respect and admiration to the Stone Creek Coffee Workers Union.  While the results of the ballot are disappointing, this was a well-organized and principled effort to win better conditions for Stone Creek workers.  The SCCWU organizers faced classic union-busting tactics like “captive audience” meetings and a hired law firm spreading disinformation about the benefits of union organization: better pay, equitable benefits, and a measure of democratic control over the workplace.  Even without legal recognition of their union, the SCCWU has demonstrated the power of united workers to demand respect from their employers and improve their working conditions. The fight is not over, and this drive has further demonstrated the need for organized baristas, roasters, and service workers throughout the industry.  Power to the SCCWU! Power to all workers throughout the world! SOLIDARITY FOREVER!